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"Monique Acceta is very professional and good at what she does! She quickly understood exactly what we were looking for and was a valuable wealth of ... more "
by Andres Kuhn
Monique Accetta - Agent with BHHS Georgia Properties

"Monique's eye for detail and knowledge of marketing is fantastic. She took the time to set down with me and show me what things work in today's market and what will increase my business, while be more efficient with my time. Her ideas and the changes have really helped me go to the next level." - Sharon Kunz

"To adequately describe Ms. Accetta's contribution to our team would be difficult. Armed with extensive KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) and an willingness to go beyond measure, Ms. Accetta brings invaluable insight, drive and integrety to every situation. To coin a phrase, Ms. Accetta is priceless. I have had the honor of working with Ms. Accetta for more than a year. From the beginning, her actions demonstrated what true integrity and devotion involves. She is extremely organized, disciplined and has multifaceted abilities. On numerous occassions, Ms. Accetta has demonstrated a deep understanding of not just marketing and management but also the ability to be solve difficult problems and issues. She has an vast knowledge in technology, human resources and has a keen eye for detail. As an HR expert, I would not think twice about hiring Ms. Accetta. She is a true treasure that would bring untold benefit to any company." - Michelle Harriman

"Monique provides invaluable services to assist Prudential agents in marketing their listings as well as marketing themselves. With marketing choices changing so rapidly Monique sorts it all out and assists each of us in choosing what is right for us. Monique is our Right Choice!!" - Alesia Rapkin

"Monique is a very detailed and organized person. She is readily available in our office to help agents master new technology that is available to them in our industry. She has a great rapport with all the agents and is highly respected in her field." - Kimberly "Kim" Gore

"Monique is one of the most detailed-oriented, think "out of the box" individuals that I have ever met. She is very adept at all things having to do with computers, marketing, SEO, web design, you name it. I don't think I've ever asked her a question that stumped her! I only wish I could have her all to myself! The wealth of knowledge and ease with which she deals with her co-workers, really makes for one of the best working relationships I have ever encountered and one that I have to say I truly treasure." - Stephanie McCarty

"Over the last three plus years you have made my life so much better - not only through your devotion to your agents in a work capacity, but through your most valued and treasured friendship. I would never have remained at RMGA so long if it were not for folks like you and Dana who made it such a joy to be there. To you, Bob and your children I wish eternal sunshine sprinkled with occasional bouts of pain (only because we can never enjoy sunshine with no pain to compare it to). Thanks for all you do - you are a true gem!" - Chris Compton

"Monique provides invaluable service to the 80+ Realtors and staff in our Office. Her ability to multitask her work load and assist our agents with their needs in everyday capacity is testimony to her dedication to our company. Even with her hectic schedule and multifunctioning requirements, she is always personable and professional." - Maggie Frazier

"When we decided to make a move out of state, Monique made selling our home easy. She took care of everything. We were so pleased with her service we called her again to buy an investment property." - William E. Young

"It is a pleasure working with you. You are like the sunshine on Easter Morning." - Steve Forsythe

"I wanted to say thank you so very much for everything you have done. You have tried everything in your power to try to make this work; and Jim and I really do appreciate it. Thank you so much, Monique, for going above and beyond, you're a good person." - Deb Majakas

"You have been such a good friend through this whole buying experience. Even when we ran into some bumpy roads, you were there fighting for us." - Kim Rankin